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Welcome to the League of Extraordinary Children

Hello, If you want to learn more about LOEXC, click here.


On this page, you will also find our philosophy and mission here at LOEXC and our Family Handbook. 

Download Our School Enrollment Package

You can download an application straight from our site but to learn more about enrollment, check here



Our #1 priority is, and has always been, upholding our commitment to maintain a safe and healthy school environment for your children. We understand and share the continued concern about COVID-19 and its effects on your families and the larger community. Please check here to see how we are responding to this pandemic.


Parents: Our hours of operation are back to normal and we will be open from 6:30am to 6:00pm.

Get Updates

If you are a parent or a guardian of a child that is enrolled in our daycare center, League of Extraordinary Children, please subscribe to our newsletter to know what is going on within the center!

We are also happy to announce that our center is now working with the Brightwheel Mobile App, where parents can have: 

- Instant messaging between their child's teachers for daily communication

- Live feed of your child's day in notes, pictures and videos to stay connected at all times

- Time-stamped updates of meals, naps, bottles, diaper/potty times, learning activities

- Easy tuition payments online

Thanks for submitting!

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