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League of Extraordinary Children uses the Creative Curriculum which focuses on social learning and the power in play in both English and in Spanish. Each child will receive toddler and preschool curriculum inside their classroom each day without being charged an additional fee for the families. The learning philosophy is that there is power in play and knowledge occurs through social learning. The curriculum will be used starting as early as the infant room and use a ‘scaffolding’ method. This scaffolding method will move through the ages and rooms for the children. The curriculum will be sprinkled throughout the day through the use of the Creative Curriculum and social learning methods. The curriculum will include activities that foster social, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth. It is the responsibility of the Lead Teacher to plan and implement the Creative Curriculum daily. Classroom teachers will be responsible for parent/family-teacher conferences twice a year. Preparing your child to succeed in school and in life is the core of our child care curriculum.

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